To achieve your AI/ML goals using advance tools and human powered skills, outsource data annotation, labeling and tagging services

Data Annotation for AI/ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have dominated the world of data. Thus, for supervised learning based on AI/ML, the need for data annotation service or data labeling service arises. Meanwhile, with enhanced datasets, we create value for your business and assist in creating AI/ML projects. Hence, outsource data annotation service and attain a structured data format.


We provide following data annotation and data labeling services:

The high volume of data demands skillful analysis and core knowledge. While data extraction is a time-consuming process. Therefore, we simplify the process with data annotation offerings. So, get the best data annotation service or data labeling service as we save your money and time. While hold us accountable for professional data annotation techniques and focus on your core business proportion.

Image Annotation Services

By utilizing advanced techniques and years of experience, our team of experts labels the image with accuracy and empowers the AI/ML training models. Additionally, with the availability of equipped tools and professionalism, we extract the relevant data from images. Therefore, gain deep insights into data and gain a technological edge amongst your competitors.

Text Annotation Services

By labeling and tagging the text, our team of text annotators establishes the relationship between numerous datasets for computer vision models. We organize your volumes of collected files through multiple text annotation offerings such as text classification, phrase chunking, entity linking, etc.

Video Annotation Services

For visual computer models, we accurately provide the video annotation service. We follow a comprehensive approach to video annotation by analyzing frame-by-frame video views. And by deploying the advanced tools, we detect the relevant objects for AI/ML projects. Herein the tagging and labelling of the objects are proceeded to ascertain the video data.

Content Moderation Services

With in-depth experience, we maintain your brand’s reputation by following the guidelines of user-generated content (UGC). Thus, by correctly analyzing your content, we refine it and eliminate inappropriate content. Besides, our team progresses with precision and quality to ensure that the online content is user-friendly. read more...


Have Scalable Data Annotation and Data Labeling Solution

For digital success, tech-enabled AI/ML models are an obvious step. And with the extraction of high-quality data, one discovers, learns, and creates value. Thus, we help businesses integrate with AI/ML models. Moreover, for scalable data annotation service, contact our responsive and prompt team. And outsource data annotation service or data labeling services for AI/ML.

For an excellent machine-learning experience, connect with our team. Because with knowledge and skill, we deliver structured data information from large volumes of data. Nonetheless, get your business data reviewed and audited at multiple stages and attain an understanding as we offer high-grade data annotation assistance. And get the desired results in the quickest turnaround.


Contact Us for Data Annotation Services and Data Labeling Services

With proven techniques and efficient workflow, our expert team of annotators provides exceptional and quality-assured data annotation service or data labeling service. Data Annotation is the demand for AI/ML algorithms, and we understand your business needs and requirement. Thereby, march ahead with today’s business scenario by consulting the leading data annotation company. As our professionals collaborate with your requirement with the designed workflow.





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Competitive Prices

We offer highly affordable pricing models to each client. Also, at - we have designed our pricing models based on per record/row/line, price per hour, price per month/person, price per key stroke, etc.


State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

We use the most advanced technology and hardware to accomplish your valuable data management, web research, data mining, data cleansing, data entry, photo editing and back office support projects.


Data Security

At, we ensure you that all your data and business information which you share with us during project execution will be protected physically, digitally, electronically from unauthorized access.

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