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Data Verification / Validation Services

A database that is unstructured and unverified, disrupts the efficiency of a business. Thus, enhance your organization’s data accuracy with the data verification service. And have a clean database as it increases data processing rate. Likely, optimize the productivity of your business, generate leads and improve sales.


We provide following data validation / verification services:

By applying the latest technology, we progress with the data validation process. The purpose of data verification / data validation is to check the database’s intended use. Thus, our team establishes the completeness of data. Additionally, our range of data validation / verification services eases the way of doing business for you.

Database Cleansing

Our team enriches the data quality by eliminating incorrect information, typographical errors, and irrelevant information. Wherein we remove the inaccurate, misleading and discrepancy in the data as it can hamper the business decisions.

Contact Information Verification

Our team of data validation verifies the contact information with the correct phone number, e-mail id, postal address, etc. Herein, our team of specialists checks the information in detail and identifies the mismatches in the information. Additionally, we eliminate the false and faulty data from the larger datasets. And this how we validate the database with correct information.

Database Standardization

The standardization of the database means assorting the data to an adequate field. Hence, our team formats the data by keeping into consideration the required fields and categories. Thereby, outsource data validation / verification service and improve your operational efficiency.


Have Reliable and Authentic Data Validation / Verification Services

Being the leading and reliable data verification / validation service provider, we ensure the data gets cleansed adequately. Hence, our data validation service commits to 100% accuracy. Thus, improve the quality of your database and enhance productivity. As our service improves operational efficiency and amplifies the ROI.

With our years of experience, and expertise in data validation / data verification services, we provide authentic results. As we check the consistency of data and assess whether the data meets the acceptable criteria. Hence, reach out to your customers confidently, as we guarantee the correctness of your database.

Moreover, data Validation comes with numerous advantages for businesses. Therefore, leverage the benefit. While organization can focus on their core competency, we professionally proceed with data verification/validation service.


Stay Rest Assured with India Data Entry’s Data Validation / Verification Services

The accuracy of the database is relevant for digitally advanced businesses. As data is the new language for businesses. Hence, we provide matchless and uncompromised data verification / validation services. Thus, get your data refreshed and validated, as our team updates the database by discarding irrelevant information.

We proficiently execute the data verification / validation service for an actionable business decision. Thereby, have professional data validation / verification service and attain desired results from the company’s database. As we validate the data entry by reviewing its source both internally and externally.

Our skilled team applies numerous techniques and methodology to address the issue of data mismanagement. And with data validation assistance, one can strategize a marketing campaign. Thus, improve the effectiveness of the marketing campaign, as we process the data verification / validation service.





We strongly believe in proactive communication environment for outsourcing projects. Our project managers will be in touch with you throughout the entire project and give you daily update you on the progress of your project.


Competitive Prices

We offer highly affordable pricing models to each client. Also, at India-Data-Entry.com - we have designed our pricing models based on per record/row/line, price per hour, price per month/person, price per key stroke, etc.


State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

We use the most advanced technology and hardware to accomplish your valuable data enrichment, data cleansing, web research, data mining, data entry, photo editing and back office support projects.


Data Security

At India-Data-Entry.com, we ensure you that all your data and business information which you share with us during project execution will be protected physically, digitally, electronically from unauthorized access.

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