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Image Annotation Services

Image Annotation is detecting the defined object from the complex image. Thus, our team utilizes advanced AI tools for image annotation services or image labeling services and provides the desired data sets for training purposes. Wherein our image labeling and image annotation techniques assist in establishing a machine-learning module.


We provide following image annotation services:

We are a leading image annotation company that offers high quality image labeling services. We provide image annotation services to multiple industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, agriculture, autonomous technology, and transportation. Thereby, avail the advantages of image annotation and get high-quality training data.

  • 2D Bounding Boxes : Bounding Boxes involves labeling the objects in the 2d image. Herein, the rectangular boxes are created by our core data annotation team to illustrate the object. Wherein, they locate individual objects in the image. Thereafter, these individual categories are tagged and labeled for AI-oriented training purposes.

  • Polygon Annotation : Within Polygon Annotation the object in the image is contoured by our experts to highlight the exact edges. The images with objects having uneven dimensions or to capture the shape and size of distant objects polygon annotation are used. This annotation is helpful for aerial objects precisely. Additionally, this dataset is usually created for autonomous vehicle training.

  • Semantic Segmentation : Our skilled professional annotates the desired object in the image at the pixel level. This type of image annotation or image labeling varies into two categories, Full pixel/Standard Segmentation, and Instance Segmentation.

    The color-coded pixel annotation is beneficial for deep learning projects. Thus, we use semantic segmentation annotation for identifying the crop types in the agricultural field, differentiating the cells in the tumor, etc.

  • 3D Cuboid Annotation : 3D Cuboid Annotation involves the labeling of an object by outlining it in a cuboid which provides the 3d representation of the object. So, our competent team helps in determining the depth of objects like vehicles, buildings, etc., and converts the 2d data image to a 3d simulation environment which further aids in processing 3D training data. Additionally, our image annotation and image labeling team adds tags and texts to the defined object for reference.

  • Key Point Annotation : The Key Point Annotation or Dot Annotation labels the image through points which assists in determining the shape of the image. With this annotation offering, we identify facial and skeletal structures. Besides, our skilled team also assesses gestures, expressions, and body language from the image.

  • Polyline Annotation : Polyline Annotation involves the labeling of lanes. Hence, our image annotators spotlight the boundaries in the image. Polyline annotations are hugely used for sidewalks and footpaths. Meanwhile, these lines are best for navigating self-driving vehicles.


Outsource Image Annotation Services for Machine Learning

Outsource image annotation services and attain a keen understanding of data sets. As our image annotation service or image labeling service is a great help for AI/machine learning projects. So, have an image annotation service for computer vision models and leave the rest to us. Because our team strives for excellence and creates the datasets that suit your model for AI/machine learning projects.


outsource image annotation services


Have Quality Assured Image Annotation Service

We accurately process the image annotation service or image labeling service with expertise and our experienced team of annotators provides high-quality images. Moreover, our image annotation workflows aim to understand your requirement and specification for the project. Henceforth, our image annotation services fulfill the clients’ personalized demands and expectations as well. Hence, have a satisfying image annotation service or image labeling service with quick turnarounds.





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