is firmly committed to maintaining and protecting the privacy of our clients' personal and company information. We do not sell, rent, lease or disclose customer information to third parties unless required by law or unless you provide consent to such a disclosure.

The following privacy policy tells you how information that identifies you personally is used, so that you can make an informed choice about using this website and its services.

How we use your information:

  • For the purpose of data security, all vital data is stored in secured files and directories in our servers.
  • The access to these folders is dependent on the access privileges set to each individual user. All system files/directories are write protected from users.
  • Backup of data from the server are done on an hourly basis. All processed data are stored securely in a data storage facility.
  • The floppy and CD drives in employees' machine are disabled for data security.
  • All outgoing mails and attachments are frequently monitored by our system and administration department.
  • All our Executives and Managers who have access to any sensitive information have signed confidentiality agreements with India Data Entry.
  • We provide ONLY relevant material and essential information to our executives for completion of assigned task.

CONTACT US to get more details about our data security and information privacy policies.