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Text Annotation Services

Fuel your business with the latest technology and have a competitive edge in the industry. As we provide reliable text annotation service or text labeling service for AI/ML models. Wherein our text annotation process involves reviewing text data in multiple stages. Additionally, we focus on labeling the data with logical interpretation, for you to implement it for the AI/ML project.


We provide following text annotation services:

With deep textualization and multi-layer monitoring, our team of text annotators assures accuracy and excellence. While, having assisted several companies with text annotation services, we empower enterprises with machine learning algorithms. Besides, our Text annotation service provides the benefit of bringing clarity in communication with customers, training the machine with linguistic elements, etc.

  • Text Categorization : Text Categorization involves categorizing certain texts according to the client’s specifications in the document. Additionally, the texts in the document are annotated as per the defined concept. Thus, our annotators’ team labels the data as per the AI/ML algorithm. Thereafter, the dataset is fed into the system to analyze the particular response.

  • Phrase Chunking : Phrase Chunking includes tagging different parts of speech to analyze the phrases in different languages. Wherein the tagging is done within the linguistic and grammatical setting by our team for the machine to understand the expressions in a better way. Thereby, contact our dedicated text labeling team for phrase recognition and get data support for AI/ML models.

  • Entity Linking : Our text annotators analyze the text from the collected documents and intent to create the relationship between different sentences and phrases. The purpose of entity linking is to drive the meaning from large data repositories. Thereby, our text labeling team lets you draw inferences from entity linking through text annotation services.

  • Sentiment Analysis : Sentiment annotation aims to discover hidden emotions, intent, connotations, views, and opinions. Thus, our annotators review the text with positive, negative, and neutral sentiments and label them accordingly. The sentiment analysis is usually done for product reviews, social media, etc.

  • Metadata Labeling : In metadata labeling, our text labeling experts attach descriptive information to analyze the text elements with a deeper understanding. One can draw the relationship between different datasets with highly structured metadata tagging.


Hire Text Annotation Experts for Machine Learning

Our reputed text annotation service or text labeling service is a boost for machine learning programs. Thereby, discover the pattern in the data sets and have the training module based on deep machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm.

By learning about the intended purpose of the text annotation services, our professional annotators analyze the data sets for computer vision models. Thus, contact India Data Entry for text annotation service or text labeling service and have high-quality datasets relevant for AI training models.


outsource text annotation services


Get Professional Assistance for Text Annotation or Text Labeling

Text annotation is a complex and tedious process. Hence, with years of experience, combination of our highly skilled annotators, and through technological approach, our text labeling service or text annotation service guarantees efficiency in analyzing the text with quick turnarounds.

Moreover, with usage of right tools and techniques, our professional annotators strive to provide customized service by matching your personalized needs and demands. This way, we offer satisfying yet happy experience to our customers. Outsource text annotation services to us for your machine learning and artificial intelligence projects.





We strongly believe in proactive communication environment for outsourcing projects. Our project managers will be in touch with you throughout the entire project and give you daily update you on the progress of your project.


Competitive Prices

We offer highly affordable pricing models to each client. Also, at - we have designed our pricing models based on per record/row/line, price per hour, price per month/person, price per key stroke, etc.


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We use the most advanced technology and hardware to accomplish your valuable data processing, data cleansing, web research, data mining, data entry, text labeling, photo editing and back office support projects.


Data Security

At, we ensure you that all your data and business information which you share with us during project execution will be protected physically, digitally, electronically from unauthorized access.

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