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Video Annotation Services

Outsource video annotation service for computer vision models as our annotators extract valuable datasets from the videos with efficiency and accuracy. By identifying the objects from the video, we make exact predictions from the available datasets. Additionally, our video annotation service or video labeling service stretches to robotics, AR, security & surveillance, healthcare, drones, autonomous vehicle training, etc.


We provide following video annotation services:

Video Annotation services or video labeling services are helpful for augmented reality and virtual reality as it creates datasets that can be allocated to machine learning models. Thus, by utilizing the best tools and techniques we provide customized video annotation or video labeling assistance with faster turnarounds. So, interpret the visual world with a video annotation service and video labeling outsourcing.

  • Object Localization : The technique of object localization is locating the individual objects from a single frame of video. For instance, by detecting the obstacles on road, we channel the movement on the path. Thus, our video labeling services team detects the objects through multiple annotation tools for the ML/AI algorithms. Additionally, the process of video annotation involves creating metadata in the form of labels.

  • Labor Time Reduction : Video Annotation or video labeling involves the breaking down of several frames in the video to extract the desired data sets. Wherein the frames for the videos are decided according to the length of the video. Likely, by utilizing effective techniques like bounding boxes, semantics, polygons, etc. we reduce the time and effort.

  • Pose Estimation : Pose Estimation identifies human activities and gestures in the visual perception model. Thus, our team of annotators creates datasets where human figures can be recognized. Herein, the human movements are analyzed for computer vision learning models. And by tagging and labeling the objects according to the client’s specifications, we assist in creating AI/ML training models.

  • Landmark : Landmarks are particularly used for tracking the movements of characters in video games. It also recognizes faces for security purposes. Thus, our skilled annotators place the key points on the area of the object for analyzing the variation in shapes. Additionally, our video annotators execute the video labeling process with experience and excellence.


Outsource Video Annotation Service for Accuracy

Video annotation requires hours of scanning and monitoring. Additionally, tracking several events in the video is time-consuming and challenging. As it takes hours of dedication to complete the whole process. So, we overcome the challenges of video annotation for you.

Our team of video annotators reviews the bulk videos and provides reliable service within the defined timeline. Thus, leverage the benefit of technological advancement with our video annotation service or video labeling service. And discover the hidden pattern with intriguing data collection.


outsource video annotation services


Get Quality Assured & Customized Video Annotation Service

Our primary focus and concern are customer satisfaction. So, we believe in providing quality video annotation services or video labeling services to our clients across the globe. Moreover, with our competence and top notched technical approach, we provide a happy and satisfying experienced to our clients.

Contact our professional video labeling team and have video annotation service as our scalable video annotation solution is customized. Henceforth, let us know your specific business requirements and have your personalized demands fulfilled.





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